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Coaching & Consulting 

Propella Coaching  & Consulting provides bespoke professional services for individuals and organizations. With specializations in strategic management, personal development, and customer and employee engagement, we are here to get you moving in the right direction. 

Our Services

Our Services

Newton's First law of motion states  "An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an opposite force". You are here, so you've made the first step to making a change, allow Propella Coaching and Consulting to be the momentum you need. We provide a variety of services for individuals and organizations. Call us today for an initial assessment & evaluation to decide how Propella Coaching and Consulting can be of service. 

Consulting Sessions

Individualized sessions to create personalized plans to achieve goals.  We conduct assessments to help identify your needs and assist in targeting appropriate activities for your individual circumstances.

Accountability Cohort

Our Training sessions provide tools that can support you in moving forward and developing the skills you need. Our experts can teach processes, methods and strategies.


Catered to your audience and objectives, our consultants can deliver engaging, entertaining, or educational speeches.

Speaking services include transformative professional development classes, webinars, and more.

Change Management 

Propella Coaching and Consulting has a penchant for creating solutions and helping companies reach their goals. 

Talent Engagement Strategies

Talent Engagement Programs are initiatives designed to ensure talent, workforce planning, leadership development, and succession programs are aligned with your business priorities.  Created to the develop and maximize the impact of your employees. 


If you want a more cohesive team, workshops address  communication, planning, and problem-solving.


" Pella is an engaging and impactful speaker and presenter. Having her present her content for my audience was a moving and insightful experience. She equipped us with lifelong tools in a comfortable and personable manner."

Leslie Saint Joir

CEO of Training for 30

Ready to make your next move?

Propella Coaching & Consulting is here to move forward you and your objectives. We bring a dedication and a tenacity to each client. With Propella Coaching & Consulting, you will always have someone in your corner. 

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